Do you feel you've lost your energy?

So many women feel beyond exhausted, that the thought of exercise is just overwhelming. What is really happening is their nervous system is fried from too many demands, stressors and being too busy. 

If that's you, your body, mind and spirit are fighting a battle to find balance. One that can only be healed with calm and gentle exercise, not extremes or restrictive diets. 

You must feel well to be well and that's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a program to support all aspects of the self. 

In a very short time you can feel more energic, well rested and the real you again. 


OMudra focuses on deeply nurturing your nervous system, allowing your body to naturally align itself to health and wellness in a whole new way. We believe health and fitness starts with your ability to holistically nurture yourself properly, thus leading you to a natural reflection of your true mind, body and spirit.

OMudra Revitalise Program is a great starting point if you're wanting to increase your energy levels, tone and strengthen your body, and calm the mind without any stressful exercise.

You will be able to choose from four different practises that will support your nervous system into greater health, helping you naturally align yourself to your own wellness.


Mindful flows that will tone and strengthen your body, helping you lose weight naturally.


Guided energy meditations that will leave you feeling deeply nourished and rested. 


Breathing techniques that uplift your mood, cleanse the soul and balance your nervous system.


Affirmations, mantras & sounds that will
re-awaken your soul, helping you feel alive.

What's Included

Body Movement Flows
Four 45 Minute flows that will reshape your body and mind and create enormous inner energy reserves. 
Valued at $220
Four breathwork practices to help you detox and de-stress the body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 
Valued at $160

Four meditations to help you calm your nervous system for a more relaxed and centred state of being.

Valued at $120
Easy Body Flows 
Two 10-15 minute exercises, to revitalise you when you really don't feel like doing anything.
Valued at $80
Regain your energy workbook that will inspire, lets you design your personal pathway to health. 
Valued at $65


Revitalise Me, Now 🛒

Natural & Herbal Dyed Yoga Mats
that leave you and the Planet 100% Toxin FREE.

Herbal Collection

Reconnect Back to the Roots of Yoga with our Authentic Artisan Hand-loomed Yoga Mats

Discover Omudra Yoga Mats
Hand Woven by Artisans



We believe to heal the planet, we must first heal ourselves.

Inspired by natures beauty and natural wellbeing, OMudra products and services help connect you to your true self. Whether it is using our Artisan handwoven mats or our at-home healing asanas, you will better connect with your body, mind and spirit.

Perfect for those wanting to rediscover and heal their bodies and minds in a more nurturing, secure and empowered way. 

Being apart of OMudra you join a community of inspired, educated and mindful individuals who are changing the lives of many. OMudra is committed to providing a Karmic Exchange that allows you to feel not only the origins of yoga but also the energetic connection with the people and land that bring you OMudra products. Each OMudra mat supports the quality of life of our rural Indian Artisans, providing shelter, food and fair work ethics. 

OMudra is paving a path for those ready to lead by choice.

Skin Soothing
Your skin is the largest organ in your body!

This means everything that touches your skin is absorbed including all of the heavy metals, PVC, BPA, or phthalates that come from normal rubber mats. 

OMudra made sure to not only get 100% clean ingredients but also herbal plants and natural fibres that leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and your mind stress free.


Creating Connection
Each Yoga mat goes on to support the livelihood of many Artisan families over in India. 

Your Investment in your own health and well-being provides shelter, food, water and ongoing support to our Rural Artisan community.


Each Yoga Mat has been hand-crafted with the finest natural fibres and plant medicines so you are able to connect back to the true essence of Yoga.

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