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OMudra believes that to heal the planet we must first heal ourselves.

So we bring together a community of change makers that are learning the skills that will peel back those unfavourable layers that keep you feeling disconnected, unworthy, injured and alone.

We are here to inspire those wanting more out of life and to educate and guide you towards rebuilding a healthy mind and body through combined practises that are traditionally known to transform lives. Its through the art of movement, sound and purpose we are able to bring you into a space of deeper connection, understanding and global impact.

Inspired by the natural beauty of nature and your own wellbeing.

OMudra is paving a path for those ready to lead by choice.  

The Karmic Exchange 

Karma is the understanding of universal energy and cosmic law, thus realising that what you put out into the world you will eventually receive. 

Investing in an OMudra mat not only supports your own health and well-being but it also goes on to change and support the lives of Ashok and his community of Artisans. 

With the fasting growth of power looms, Ashok and his community have been forced out of their craft and are struggling to maintain food, shelter and employment for their Artisans. 

Each purchase encourages fair work ethics, meaning no mat purchased falls under market price. Its through the tradition and art form that is hand-looming we are able to not only reconnect back to the origins of yoga increasing your own divine connection but also help keep their tradition alive for generations to come.



We believe to heal the planet, we must first heal ourselves.

Inspired by natures beauty and natural wellbeing, OMudra products and services help connect you to your true self. Whether it is using our Artisan handwoven mats or our at-home healing asanas, you will better connect with your body, mind and spirit.

Perfect for those wanting to rediscover and heal their bodies and minds in a more nurturing, secure and empowered way. 

Being apart of OMudra you join a community of inspired, educated and mindful individuals who are changing the lives of many. OMudra is committed to providing a Karmic Exchange that allows you to feel not only the origins of yoga but also the energetic connection with the people and land that bring you OMudra products. Each OMudra mat supports the quality of life of our rural Indian Artisans, providing shelter, food and fair work ethics. 

OMudra is paving a path for those ready to lead by choice.

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