Frequently asked questions

Will my mudramat fade over time?

The Organic cotton mudramat will naturally lighten over time, due to the herbal dyes from the plants. They are designed to be loved, therefore they are designed to reflect the quality of that love. The raw organic and natural look will contiue to take shape just like your practise.

How to best care for my mudramat?

The organic cotton mudramats can be machine or handwashed. Hand wash on a delicate cycle at low temperature with either soap berries or no soaps. (Can machine wash) Dry in shade out of direct sunlight. The bananamat & the sambumat should be handwashed only, can be dried in direct sunlight. Please ensure that placing the herbal dyed mats in direct sunlight will cause them to lighten over time, a beautiful natural process.

What mat would suit a heated practise?

Our organic cotton yoga mats are actually designed to absorb moisture as you sweat. Perfect for our ashtanga and hot yoga yogis. Cotton breaths, which means it stays cool and draws heat away from your skin to keep your temperature cooler. Cotton absorbs moisture easily and can take up to one fifth of its weight in water before it actually feels damp.

What are the medicinal properties of the herbal dyes?

Tumeric Is a commonly used herb used within ayuvedic medicine for its natural ability to cure inflamation within the body. The popular herb is also know for its antibacterial benfits, and the golden yellow tones of tumeric help create a purifying practise on and off the mat. Holy Basil / Tulsi Is also known by many other names that reflect the exalted position it holds in Ayurvedic medicine. Holy Basil, Queen of Herbs, the Elixir of Life and the Mother Medicine of Nature are some of the names given to it. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is a known antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral which make it effective in fighting infections. Tulsi is the primary ingredient in providing the green color to our Earthy/Bhumi yoga mat. Karungali A moderate sized tree with dark yellow inflorescence, commonly growing throughout Sub-Himalayan belt and north-eastern states of the country. Ayurveda uses wood and bark of the tree for various formulations. Its major application is in the treatment of skin and respiratory problems, it is used as an important constituent for the maintenance of oral hygiene and also as a local treatment for bleeding injuries due to its astringent properties. Annatto is know for its antimicrobial contents. Its very high in antioxidant levels, which promote vibrant and healthy skin. Its also known for its wound healing and is high in calcium.

Return Policy

We offer a full refund for items returned within 15 days from the shipment date in it's original condition (excluding shipping costs). How to Return Items: 1. We accept returns postmarked within 15 days from the shipment date date. If 15 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 3. Items must be returned unwashed and undamaged with all original tags / items attached. 4. Please email us at hiomudra@gmail.com a. Send your invoice/tracking number (and pictures attached of the item if applicable) and detailed information to describe the issue. b. We will send you the return address and label c. Your request will be processed and confirmed via email on working days usually within 72 hours. 5. Once your return is received and inspected your refund will be processed. Most returns are processed within 5 business days after we receive your package. We’ll issue the refund to your payment account. Full Refund for any issues we are responsible for. We'll give you a full refund if we're responsible for the issue, e.g. quality problems or items missing.

How does my investment support the Artisans?

Each purchase encourages fair trade. This means the initial purchase of the mats will never fall below the market price. The purchase of the mats provide food, homes and increases the quality of lives of many by creating consistent employment and support for our dear friends in India.

Why natural fibres over synthetics?

Synthetics are known to have toxins that are proven to be harmful for your health and the planet. Transitioning back to natural fibres means your not only supporting the bodies natural systems and experience but you're also being mindful around what your leaving behind on the planet. Everything you consume is going to end up back on our planet and choosing natural fibres means your valuing biodegradble goods so you and the planet can breath cleaner. Lets create a better world together xx

Why are mudramats healthier for me?

Toxin Free: Unlike most yoga mats made with PVC our mats do not use toxic chemicals. We are 100% toxin free, ensuring your health is our number one priority. Medicinal Herbs: Omudra mats are 100% organic and herbal dyed using traditional ayurvedic methods that preserves the medicinal qualities of the plants. With our skin being the largest organ of our body, science proves that we absorb everything we touch. Regular contact with the mat invites your skin into absorbing the medicinal properties of the plants, thus increasing your vitality. Aromatherapeutic: With the healing properties of the plants and the earthly scent of the natural fibres you will be guided into deeper states of relaxation, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

What are the yoga mats made out of?

Organic Cotton Certified recycled organic cotton is used within our mats to help support our surrounding ecosystems and environment. Banana Fibre Banana fiber is a known hypoallergenic. The fibers are woven together with cotton yarns, which provide the mat with more comfort. Sambu Jute Grass is a natural grass native to India. The benefits of the grass include air filtering, heat resistance and therapeutic benefits. Herbs used Wild Tulsi / Holy Basil Tulsi Tumeric Karungali annatto

Why handwoven?

The OMudramat is ethically handwoven in India. The birthplace of the sacred practise of yoga, home to generations of weavers. Natural yoga mats are the traditional mats used for the practise of yoga to promote better posture and strength for its natural grip qualities. Each mat goes on to encourage that the wisdom of handlooming is continued to be passed down from generation to generation. Help us ensure this tradition stays alive. These mats are different from PVC rubber mats and promote better posture and strength by using the original mat yoga was created on. The natural tree rubber underneath the mat ensures that the mat sticks to the floor without sliding. The natural fibres encourage the proper form and strengthen the right muscle groups keeping you steady. Our organic cotton yoga mats are the perfect mat for a heated practise.

What mat would I use if I'm looking for more support around my knees or joints?

We recommended the diamond yoga mat as it is one of our luxurious makes. Mindfully weaved from our Artisans, each mat has been designed to support your practise through its 5mm thickness, helping those with sensitive knees or joints.

What mat is more likely to support a gentle flow?

We would recommend either the diamond mat or the banana fibre mat. The banana fibre mat is designed to support the knees and joints further than our typical cotton mats, with its 5mm in thickness. However, the banana fibre mat has been carefully crafted creating a unique texture within the mat that acts as knobs for targeting pressure points within the body as you move. You will feel more relaxed and soothed after practising.