Discover The Magnificent Benefits Of Practising Self-love And What That Can Bring Into your Life.

Have you ever just woken up one morning and thought to yourself,

"Not again."

Well you're not alone, and you are definitely in the right place.

Very few people really know the true meaning of self-love, how this impacts the world around them, and how to actually create that within their own lives. Discover the real meaning of self-love, beyond all the cliche 'buy yourself flowers or just 'be kind' ' type of things.

I will be sharing with you some basic natural tools that you may already do, yet with a little more focus and intention you can turn these habits into SELF-LOVING RITUALS!

It is completely life-changing. It is how I went from NO Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem to a deeply intuitive, empowered, loving and confident relationship with myself.

"According to the researchers, practicing these techniques for 40 minutes every day for 8 weeks raised the participants’ levels of self-compassion by 43 percent."

Firstly, let's talk about what self-love is.

To me it is an act of self-expression, just like any emotion it has behaviours and actions that help you realise that you are in a state of self-love. It is a craft and skill that you can learn with daily practises that will only ever propel you forward in ALL aspects of your life!

What you may not realise is that once you begin to rebuild that loving relationship with yourself, you actually begin to build a life that is filled with more meaning and purpose.


  • Greater Mindfulness, you begin to notice the positives instead of negatives.

  • Connection, you start to connect with people that only ADD to your life instead of TAKE.

  • Assurance, you start to feel comfortable in saying NO and connect to people that respect that.

  • Acceptance, you start to like what you see in the mirror!

  • A Knowing, you start to feel comfortable in your own skin and develop a voice that feels true to you.

  • Stop needing validation and start owning your space and independence.

  • Seeing, you begin to seize opportunities instead of letting them slip away.

Self-love starts with the daily practice of being present and noticing how you think and feel. A mindfulness practice that allows you to identify the thoughts that need to change.

As the external world is only ever trying to get us to heal, learn or grow into a more connected, authentic and uplifted version of who we are. Your self-love journey isn't designed to be easy and nice, it will be up and down but I highly encourage you to continue to complete your practices daily and commit to shifting the way you think and feel about yourself. Soon it won't feel like you're trying, it will be a very organic and natural process for you to come back to when you're in moments of need.

It's time to be your own damn LOVER!


  • Being able to listen to your own needs.

  • Being kind to yourself and using kind words

  • Loving yourself in hardship and suffering!

  • Rewarding your wins and failures!

  • Being present with your emotions and giving them acknowledgment

  • Refusing to compare yourself to others.

  • Refusing to attach self-worth and value onto external things.

  • Validating self instead of seeking validation

  • Being able to accept, forgive and let go of toxic people.

  • Being capable of putting self first without feeling guilt or shame!



Learning to listen to your own needs is an art form in itself!

This is an every moment check in with yourself. Being able to drop into your own needs in a moment takes huge amounts of mindfulness and self-awareness. Now don't go beating yourself up over not being able to nail this straight away because it takes time, understanding how you feel and being able to identify that takes presence.

Here is a simple mindfulness exercise you can do at any moment that will bring you back into the NOW and help you feel into your own needs.


  1. Begin to draw attention to 3 things in the room that reflect the same colour. (For example: , green plants, green bed cover, green painting)

  2. Begin to tune into the sounds in the room. See if you can notice at least 2 different sounds.

  3. Now that you feel calm, close down your eyes and start to tune into your breath. Examine how you feel, the rhythm of the breath and what it feels like. (Stay focused here. If you feel your mind begins to wander, let it and then kindly bring it back by saying 'Thank you'.) Do this for X3 times

  4. Invite yourself to express how you are feeling. Tell yourself it's ok to feel whatever you want, and start to notice if any thoughts that come to the surface. (Remember to say thank you every time you feel an unwanted thought or emotion rise.)

  5. Ask yourself how do those thoughts serve me or protect me?

  6. Now ask yourself if there are better thoughts you can have that would serve you better. And say thank you for making you aware.

  7. Make a commitment to notice when you have those initiating thoughts and just allow your focus to change to the better feeling thoughts.


Following on from the first practise you will notice that I got you to say 'Thank You' to yourself as you begun to learn the practise of listening in. This is an act of kindness to yourself. This practise isn't about removing all negative self-talk and being kind, but more about seeing when and how your negative self-talk presents itself and how to love yourself in that process. 'Thank you' provides yourself with an acknowledgment, exactly what your negative self-talk needs, yet provides you with space to let it go and appreciate it. This act of kindness rebuilds a loving relationship with your unwanted thoughts and feelings.


This is where I introduce you to the art of WORDS with Mantras !

Mantras are a usually a combination of sounds that provide the body with a specific frequency for healing. The vibration of a mantra will help you recognise your divinity. You will feel at ease with life as you progress in mantra chanting.

Some examples of Self-love mantras are:

I am here and that matters.

I choose to improve in every moment, but I choose to love myself as I am in every moment

I am a valuable person and my voice is important.

I love my body and all that it does for me.

I am worthy of love.

I choose to stop apologising for being me.


Breath-work is proven to bring up and release any emotional trauma that you may have buried inside of you or it can help you emotionally regulate. It also helps you detox the body from toxins by at least 80% and it gently invites your nervous system back into a state of deep relaxation.

'SUKA Pranayama'


suka- Easy

Prana- Life force

Yama- Expansion


Yoga is more to do with moving one emotion into another, ' it’s about alchemising how you feel, arriving in a place of presence, awareness and understanding. It is through the Art of Yoga that we are able to create a new space of calmness that allows us to process through any outdated, harmful, or destructive patterns we may still be consuming within.

Just pay attention to how you feel in each pose and begin to become aware that yoga looks like one pose for 10 minutes or 7 poses in 10 minutes, it’s up to what you're feeling and how you would like to express it in your own body.

Here is a guided 10 minute SELF-LOVE OMudra flow that involves every single practise for you in one easy to follow video for an 8 WEEK DEEP DIVE OF DEPTH!

Try this flow every day or at least X3 times a week for 8 weeks and see yourself shift into a state of self-love.

Please let me know how you go, tag me or message me!

P.S. Don't forget to choose a Mantra you align with from the ones I listed above, and also stay with the one mantra for at least one week.

Repetition is key when you're focusing on rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself.

Namaste xx


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