Shape the earth as you shape yourself with OMudra

OMudra wanted to bring you into the true meaning of yoga, rippling out a karmic effect into the world. After deep consideration about how we could create this ripple effect we found our way into the communities of India, the true origins of yoga.

Each mat has been intentionally hand crafted to make sure each yogi practising is able to feel the earth take shape as they flow. We invite you home with the aromas of the Ayurvedic herbal dyes that are Annatto seed, Karungali Bark, Holy Basil and Turmeric as the energetic and medicinal properties of the plants begin to sink in. With the subtle whispers of the shamanic powers of each plant you will be sure to feel a deep sense of grounding, purification and love. Because we believe in the power of plants and the way our ancestors practised with their medicines before the over powering wind of the western influence. It is through this herbalist approach we have been able to offer a unique yoga mat that speaks to your body, soul and mind in a very unique and multi layered way.

Our Ayurvedic community of Artisans live and breathe in their tradition of hand-looming and OMudra aims to give on going employment to our workers in alignment with an ethical, sustainable and holistic approach to slow fashion and wellness. This is birthing more opportunity for mindful creations that support the art of our communities whilst decreasing your carbon footprint.

Organic cotton yoga mats are a unique and traditional approach to your yoga practise. It's through the textured stitching you will begin to build the right muscle strength to hold yourself in each asana unlike your typical rubber mat. OMudra cotton mats focus on absorbing your moisture as you sweat to create a griper experience as you begin to build heat, (perfect for ashtanga yogis) while the underlining natural tree rubber ensures that your practise is completely slip-free. OMudra wanted a mat that was convenient too so our cotton mats are washable, foldable and lightweight to carry!

OMudra also utilises Sambu, a common grass native to India and banana fibre mats. These mats are perfect for a more restorative flow as each one of these speciality mats have unique features that support different needs. Our natural banana fibre mat also known as the acupuncture mat actually has little grooves weaved within it allowing for that deeper myofascial release, thus assisting your body's ability to release that uncomfortable stored tension that can stem from your emotional body.

Not to mention the restorative yoga mat crafted out of Sambu to give extra support for your knees and help create clarity within the mind through dropping into your emotional body.

(Stay tuned for this blog post)

With these natural fibres in use we have begun to really listen to the earth and find resources known to help improve the livelihood of ourselves and future generations to come.

We know the change that we want to see tomorrow begins with the change we make today.

Namaste xx

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