For those wanting a more gentle flow to release those hard to reach knots.


"The effects of the acupuncture really uplevelled my yoga practise."


The natural fibres of the banana trunks are twisted together to create a textured surface that will promote blood circulation and muscle release throughout your practise.


Are you ready to lead by choice and make a change today?


With our first release being limited in stock, don’t miss your chance to connect deeper with yourself and our community

Acupuncture Yoga Mat

$149.99 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price
    • Protect you and the planet with Banana fibre and recycled organic cotton. 
    • A delicious supported flow with a 5mm thickness.

    • The texture makes it durable and creates friction throughout your practise.

    • A superb non-slip, practise with its natural tree rubber lining.

    • Your investment supports and cares for our rural Artisians.

    • Improves your blood circulation and releases the tension stored in your connective tissue.

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