A mat perfect for cleansing the body from anxieties, stresses and lower moods.


"Extremly durable, and a grip like no other." -


Herbal dyed using Karungali bark to not only uplift the space but also help you cleanse from negative energies. Hand-loomed with love from authentic Artisans means your flow creates positive karmic effects out into the world. 


Every flow will have you feeling full.


Are you ready to lead by choice and make a change today?

Each mat is mindfullycrafted by hand and there are limited numbers. Some collections may not come back in stock so make sure you get in quick.

Karungali Yoga Mat

$139.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
    • Protect the planet with non toxic organic cotton.
    • An easy to carry, lightweight and foldable mat that is perfect for travel due to the natural fibres.
    • A superb non-slip practise with its natural tree rubber lining.
    • A highly breathable and washable mat with organic cotton.
    • Designed for those needing more length. (180cm by 65cm)
    • Unique stitching on each end of the mat to create traction throughout the practise.
    • Your purchase supports and cares for our rural artisans.
    • Increasing your self-awareness and your ability to connect with the planet's energetics with the assistants of the herbs.
    • Each mat is unique as it is handmade with love from our Artisans.
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